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Biomyx is devoted to bring the latest technology and tools to biomedical researchers. Technology development at Biomyx focuses mainly in the general areas of functional genomics and proteomics. We are exploring applications for our proprietary ProLinkTM and Direkt-siRNATM technologies in areas including high throughput functional genomics, drug discovery, and protein therapeutics. We welcome collaborations, co-development or co-commercialization of these technologies.


Direkt-siRNATM Enabling technology for systematic knock-down of gene expression and for automated, high throughput gene function analysis in mammalian cells


To overcome the limitations of using chemically synthesized double strand siRNAs, Biomyx developed a series of proprietary DNA oligo-based means of silencing gene expressions in mammalian cells. pH1-siRNA and pU6-siRNA (siRNA Vectors) are mammalian expression vectors developed at Biomyx. A chosen sequence (from the targeted mRNA) cloned easily into the vectors as a inverted repeat under the promoter will be expressed in mammalian cells as a hairpin structure and processed in vivo to produce siRNA, which initiate the RNA interference effects. They offer researchers the choice of either one of the two most widely used promoters for expressing siRNA: the human H1 RNA promoter or the mouse U6 snRNA promoter. They are small in size and user-friendly. Both vectors have a G418 resistant gene expression cassette enabling the selection of stable cell lines expressing the desired siRNA. As compared with the use of synthetic or in vitro transcribed siRNAs, these DNA -based approaches are cost efficient, more consistent and can be integrated into the genome to study long-term effects of siRNAs.


The making of these vectors, however, is time consuming and hence limiting our ability in exploring the full power of RNAi. It is generally believed that only one out of 5 siRNA sequences will be very effective in knocking down. To find an effective siRNA sequence for a given gene, many expression vectors need to be constructed, not mentioning the systematic knock-down of many genes simultaneusly. To meet the need of high throughput, systematic gene function studies, Biomyx developed the proprietary Direkt siRNA technology that allows fast generation, delivery and expression of many siRNAs at minimal cost. The technology will enable researchers to scan mRNA or untranslated sequences for effective siRNA sequences, or to study the effects of siRNAs for many genes in a matter of days, which is impractical with synthetic dsRNA or expression vector based methods.


ProLinkTM: Novel technology for studying protein function directly and for improving proteins of diagnostic and therapeutic values


Biomyx is devoloping a novel protein ligation system thatís able to enzymatically join any recombinant proteins efficiently with a short consensus sequence to another protein or short peptide. The system enables site-specific labeling, modification or immobilization of protein molecules and will find applications in many fields using protein as the tool or the subject, including protein engineering, protein-protein interactions, proteomics, and protein delivery. The system will have great impact on diagnostics and therapeutic as well. With this system, the potency, target selectivity or in vivo stability of many recombinant diagnostic and therapeutic proteins (e.g. recombinant antibodies or growth factors) can be dramatically improved while their biological activities of diagnostic and therapeutic value are fully retained. For these proteins, itís extremely important to reserve their biological activities as it takes a lot of time, effort and money for a drug to be approved and marketed.

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