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Biomyx Technology, is a private biotechnology company located in the beautiful San Diego, California, home of over 500 biotech companies and world-renowned biomedical research institutions. Biomyx Technology intends to advance biosciences by developing innovative technologies for studying gene functions (better known as Functional Genomics) and by making biomedical research more efficient with high quality, easy to use products.

Novel technologies being developed at Biomyx include D-siRNAš and ProLinkš.D-siRNAš is fast, straightforward and far more superior to currently available RNA interference technologies. It can be used to efficiently knock down expression of specific genes in mammalian cells with small interfering ribonucleic acid (siRNA). Gene-specific siRNA expression vectors are also under development. ProLinkš is a new technology allows site-specific protein and/or peptide ligation and labeling with known stoichimetry. Itís the ideal technology for directly studying protein functions and for improving proteins of diagnostic and therapeutic values.

Furthermore, Biomyx also offers ready-to-use research tools and services. The ProteGeneš product line are ready-to-use, gene-specific reagents that inhibit or activate gene expression of important signaling molecules such as dominant negative and constitutively active mutants of all 4 isoforms of human small G protein Ras and other oncogenes and tumor suppressors. Biomyx has extensive expertise and experience on various aspects of biosciences including molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry, and hence offers molecular biology and biochemistry services on a fee-for-service basis upon request.

Lastly, Biomyx makes and markets Redi-Plateš, Prepoured Agar Plates for yeast and E. coli. These high-quality, cost effective prepoured agar plates not only save many hours of researchersí time but also free their minds for more creative thinking.


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