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StimulightTM cis-reporting system for stable cell lines

Product Details:

Biomyx’ StimulightTM cis-reporting systems are designed for quick and convenient creation of stable cell lines to study in vivo activation of signal transduction pathways. The HSV TK promoter driven hygromycin or nemycin phosphotransferase expression cassette offers fast and efficient selection of stably transfected cells (with hygromycin or Geneticine®/G418, respectively). The cis-reporting vectors could also be used in transient assays before committing ones efforts to stable cell lines.


The regulatory cis-elements and the firefly (Photinus pyralis) luciferase reporter gene flanking the TATA box are depicted below, the hygromycin or neomycin expression cassette is also shown.


TATA box



Neomycingromycin or G418, respectively)be any disruptions to web and emailansfer everything to a new accnt.






The StimulightTM cis-reporting system includes a group of vectors covers signal transduction pathways converging at several common enhancer elements including CRE (P2100, P2102, cyclic AMP response element), GAS (P2105, P2107, interferon g–activated sequence), ISRE (P2110, P2112, interferon-stimulated response element), AP1 (P2125, P2127, activator protein 1), NFAT (P2115, P2117, nuclear factor of activated T cells) and NFkB (P2120, P2122, binding sites for nuclear factor kB). Please refer to the product manual for sequences of enhancer elements.


A cloning vector (pHTS-MCS, Cat# P2130 with Hygromycin, and Cat# P2132 with Neomycin) with convenient cloning sites is also available so that one can create synthetic promoters to monitor new signaling pathways of interest. Some of the common features are:

¨  Hygromycin or neomycin resistance cassette for efficient stable cell selection

¨  Ready to use transfection purity plasmid provided

¨  Unique restriction site for linearization of vector improves stable cell selection efficiency

¨  High copy number plasmid for easy plasmid preparation


Geneticin® is an Invitrogen trademark.


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pHTS Reporter Vectors

Ordering Information:


List Price: $450.00/kit


Kit Contents:

40µg of transfection grade plasmid.

40µg of transfection grade control plasmid.