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Gene Cloning and Mutagenesis


Transient and stable gene expression remains one of the most valuable methods of studying gene function in vivo. With the help of the in vitro mutagenesis, mutants of genes are easily available to help define gene functions in biological pathways.


ProtéGeneTM collection of expression clones offers quick access to many genes and their respective constitutively active and dominant negative mutants. In addition, Biomyx provides custom gene cloning, full gene synthesis and mutagenesis. Our qualified scientists will also help you optimize experiment design and research approach, save you time and money. Please call or email to discuss your project with our research team.


Some of the services include the following but open to your specifications:

  • Subcloning and expression clone construction
  • Gene screening and cloning from libraries
  • Gene synthesis with synthetic oligonecleotides
  • Point mutation and deletions
  • Plasmid purification and sequencing
  • Pilot protein expression and detection



Biomyx will keep all information confidential.  All data and material, and those derived as a result of the service are the property of the purchaser. Biomyx will not use, disclose, or market the materials without the written consent of the purchaser.

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